3rd Grade Homework Sheets

3rd Grade Homework Sheets-15
Maxine is worried about her math test, and when her best friend, Adam, tells her it's Friday the 13th, Max finds herself worrying even more.Will stepping on cracks and walking under a ladder be enough bad luck to make Max fail her test?Rachel doesn't want her friends to know she has glasses, but when she can't see the board in math class, her teacher gives her the choice of wearing her glasses or moving her seat away from her friends. Can his grumbling stomach change his mind and maybe even his taste buds?

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When Patrick interviews his grandmother for a school project, he discovers that she walked to school as a child, her family didn't have a television set, and couldn't play video games.

He wonders why grandma refers to her childhood as "the good old days."Ben is excited to go to his uncle's farm to pick pumpkins and apples, but when Uncle Darrell can't keep the crows away from his crops, Ben will have to figure out how to make the scariest scarecrow to fix the problem.

When Lena's two best friends plan a bowling trip without her, Lena is determined to find out why she's left feeling like the spare.

But when she shows up at the bowling alley, she'll find out things aren't always what they seem.

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Anna buries a time capsule in her garden with her favorite book, her yo-yo, and other treasured items.

When Tamara finds out what's really bothering Darla, she just might have a way to cheer up her friend.

It's Maddie's first day in a new school, and at recess she can't wait to try out the giant play set.

After a short while, she realizes that all of her favorite things are gone and she wants them back.

Jared has a busy weekend of finishing his science fair project, but when his friends ask him to help with other things, he doesn't want to disappoint them.


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