5 Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer Doc

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This tool like many others allows everyone to see and comment on each other as a community.

Students can make their own walls or you can make community/classroom walls (can be Private or Public).

Once the student is done with their graphic organizer on paper, have the student click Insert-Image in their google doc and select Snap Shot to capture their organizer in their google doc.

This allows for students to have all the parts of their writing piece in one location.

For instance, High School teachers should click on the “K12 – High School” tab to unveil useful templates for high school writing activities.

Likewise, middle school teachers can click on the “K12 – Middle School” tab, and elementary school teachers the “K12 – Elementary School” tab, to find templates appropriate for their grade level.So, I can click on “[Topic]” or “[Body Section 1]” or other sections to reveal these tips.For instance, when I click on [Body Section 1] a tip appears that reads: Many templates also come with an example.For example, there is an “Essay Example” as part the Five Part Essay Writing template.So, aided by both tips and examples, students can proceed to fill in the template with their writing.In addition, it supports collaborative work done in class on paper so that all artifacts are saved as images and shared with everyone in the group.Build a Wall to: generate topics to write about, starter sentences, small moments, interesting adjectives....For their part, teachers would be well served to review Write Well with Google Docs templates and decide which are best for student use.Note that it is also possible to request a template.Under “Generate Template” is a link that leads to an online request form.There are two fundamental strategies a teacher could pursue in getting students to use the template content.


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