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Much of the emotional heavy lifting is done by the daughter-father team of Reid and Pine.

Pine has stealthily become one of the most versatile leading men in American movies, and one of the few who can channel that old-fashioned, George-Bailey-having-a-breakdown-at-the-bar brand of emotionally vulnerable masculinity without seeming as if he's just doing a bit.

"A Wrinkle In Time," about three children and three magical beings trying to locate a missing physicist and stop evil from overwhelming the universe, is as dislocated from the current moviegoing moment as its human heroes are from their lives back on earth.

It's a gentle fantasy, seemingly pitched at younger children, that would rather take people by the hand than punch them on the shoulder, and that's a good thing; in fact, it's the wellspring of the movie's best qualities.

This is made impressive more by the characters' reactions than to anything that's onscreen.

It also suffers from trying to do too much in its relatively slight 109-minute running time (the source novel Madeline L'Engle has been considered un-adaptable since its first publication in 1962, so it's possible that even a miniseries might've had issues; the 2003 TV movie was a train wreck).Meg asks her new maybe-beau Calvin to join her in her time-space journey, and he agrees as readily as if she'd asked him to join her on a walk to the local 7-Eleven.It's the kind of movie where you decide to do something and just go do it, and where no questions are off limits because everyone's so thoughtful. If you laughed derisively at that line, you shouldn't see "A Wrinkle in Time." If it made you smile, go."A Wrinkle in Time" arrives in theaters during the same week that U. viewers observed the 50th anniversary of the premiere of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," a beloved series that was all about respecting the space, the wishes, and the feelings of others.There are many points in "A Wrinkle in Time" where the characters' journeys suggest a big-budget CGI version of that show's regular excursions into "The Neighborhood of Make-Believe," a world in which kindhearted children and adults have poker-faced conversations about insecurity, loneliness, anger, and other mental states openly, amongst themselves and with sock puppets, then return to the "real" world and watch a musical performance or visit a harmonica factory. Whatsit just shows up in the family's house, less like a real-life neighbor than a scatterbrained wood sprite from a Disney Channel cartoon, and the mom is the only character who seems shocked. Which is a 40-foot tall shimmering apparition looming over a backyard during her first appearance, and the onlookers seem more intrigued than terrified by her, as if this kind of thing happens a lot.In the book, Calvin is unhappy with his parents because they neglect him in favor of his many brothers and sisters. When the W's take the children to Uriel in the book, Mrs. Murry leave Charles Wallace on Camazotz and tesser to another planet called Ixchel, where Meg recovers from the journey with the help of a tentacled creature she calls Aunt Beast. In the movie, no one ever says "Black Thing," instead describing the darkness as "Camazotz." It, now with a "the," also seems to be semi-interchangeable with the darkness known as Camazotz. The kids don't meet him in the book until they enter the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building, which is also where they find Meg's father.Whatsit transforms in a sort of horse-human hybrid that also has wings, and when she flies over the land, Meg sees more of the same creatures. Whatsit undergoes a transformation in the movie, too, but she becomes a flying plant thing, and there are no winged centaurs in sight — just flowers who can speak in the language of "color." 7. None of this happens in the movie, though there is a scene where they're flipping through various locations with the Happy Medium and you briefly see tentacled creatures walking a cross a brief landscape. L’Engle’s classic book is the story of Meg Murry, who, along with her brother, Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin, travels across the universe with the help of three mysterious shapeshifting women—Mrs. Whenever I delved into L’Engle’s words, I felt at home spiritually.Beautiful creatures on a distant planet sing a psalm-like verse from Isaiah 42, for example, and Meg’s father tells her (quoting the Letter to the Romans) that “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.”As a bookish Catholic schoolgirl, I was thrilled to find a well-regarded book for young adult readers that had a religious dimension.The family was baffled by his sudden vanishing, but it turns out to be connected to his research (with Kate) into tesseracts, a phenomenon that allows for the folding of space and time. Who (Mindy Kaling), the kids leave their world to find Alex, bringing Meg's crush object, Levi Miller's Calvin O'Keefe, along with them.With help from three magical beings, the goofball Mrs. As they travel to a series of galactic locales to free Alex from the grip of dark forces, young Charles Wallace, a prodigy who at times evokes that little kid from "Looper" with the thundercloud eyes, undergoes a terrifying change.


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