Aboriginal People Essay

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This feature essay written by a non-Indigenous critical theorist Len M.

Findlay helps Canadians understand how racialization of Aboriginal peoples comes without a critical perspective of the contesting position of Eurocentric superiority that underlies race relations.

A petition to the Inter America Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) for violations caused by nations that disregard this fact is the basis for Katherine Minich’s essay that suggests further the limits of international law for helping to address the problems among the Inuit, but provides a process for asserting self-determination on the basis of their Inuit identities.

Sharon Venne asserts we are living in a colonial Canada, not a decolonized neocolonial Canada.

The federal Crown continues to refuse to eliminate poverty among First Nations and Inuit, using allocated money to support the bureaucratic imposed status quo.

The bureaucracy and politicians attempt to hide these failures by telling Canadians how much they are spending on Aboriginal peoples’ problems, but ignore the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal peoples and other studies, implying that these failures are part of a lack of character or caused by their own doing.

My essay, Marie Battiste, offers how First Nations peoples education is a treaty right, different from other citizens of Canada, but needs since 1982 and the Constitutional affirmation of Aboriginal and treaty rights, the constitutional powers of the provincial/territorial and federal laws and policies must be reconciled with the constitutional rights of Aboriginal people.

Intergenerational impacts of residential schools continue to reverberate among the descendents and relatives of those who attended those schools.

It operates through inaction, silence, neglect, and indifference to the aboriginal, human, and treaty rights, stifling the talents and opportunities of individuals while sustaining poverty and malaise and affecting diverse social, cultural, political, economic, spiritual, and physical outcomes among Aboriginal peoples.

The federal Crown has crafted and generated this neglect and indifference for Canadians.


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