Aqa Biology Coursework As Level

Aqa Biology Coursework As Level-74
The exam style itself is quite hard in practice papers , as opposed to the "spraying" out of knowledge as GCSE you need to focus on the question and be very specific in your answers.

The exam style itself is quite hard in practice papers , as opposed to the "spraying" out of knowledge as GCSE you need to focus on the question and be very specific in your answers.

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If you enjoy reading biology topics especially human biology, it becomes easier to learn.

There are no 'hard' concepts -not in AS anyway-....

This course builds on knowledge, understanding and practice skills that you have developed during your GCSE science course.

You should have gained at least a GCSE grade B in biology or BB in science (double award), both of which provide suitable preparation for the a-level.

GCSE biology was the easiest thing ever so it's certainly a step up from that Another opinion: Having completed Units 1 - 6 at AS and sitting the exam soon.

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I can honestly say out of my 4 AS subjects , Biology is the hardest.Rest reassured practicals are not part of an assessment in Edexcel biology. At my college we went to the south of france for a week to carry out our A2 research projects. Students who take A Level Biology can go on to study veterinary science, medicine, optometry psychology, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, sports science, microbiology, forensic science, biophysics, genetics, neuroscience, botany, zoology, ecology and environmental science and of course, biology.Username: Agent Smirnoff What I like about studying this subject: I enjoy Biology as it helps me understand new and previously learnt concepts in a more in depth nature.Biology, with its mixture of scientific method, problem solving, practical skills and socially relevant content, provides a useful complement to arts humanities among mixed A levels.It also enables students to develop the essential skills of synoptic essay writing, an aspect of modern education highlighted as missing by the major universities. Comment: Very difficult, one of the hardest A Levels. Another opinion: The subject is a big step up from GCSE but if you are good at remembering lots of facts you could find it relatively straightforward as all you need to do is memorize the textbook to get high grades.Another opinion: In comparison to Chemistry, the content is not too difficult at all, the concepts and knowledge is pretty straightforward so long as you have a keen interest in the subject and revise over the topics thoroughly, however I find that exams are much simpler for Chemistry in comparison to Biology and then there's ISAs which, if you have a "good" teacher (if you know what I mean), are simple and if not're screwed and tsr is probably your only hope in doing well.Quite a lot, but mostly near the end of the year with revision.Comment: Basically making sure you know all the stuff in the textbook.Comment: Really very little outside the textbooks, honestly. Really, as long as you learn the textbook stuff, you should be fine. Comment: Learning mark schemes is definitely essential!Obviously it would be good if you are considering Biology/Biological Science related subjects to show outside interest in personal statement and potential interviews. You need to learn mark schemes and be naturally good at How Science Works. Biology is marked very specifically so you need the correct phrases and exact key words.


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