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(Pakistan: Country Gender Profile, July2008, Jica, SDPI,, studies carried out in Pakistan education was highlighted as one of the major reasons for the gap between male and female workers.And this has become a challenging topic in the recent times.

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Using the system that is proposed recently at workplaces, couples are encouraged to be varied, hence more security and flexibility.

Overall, it is true that males and females have different preferences in terms of physical and mental attitudes, but I think that equal opportunities are imperative and bring advantages significantly to both males and females in the 21st century.

In Pakistan the amount of women involved in the work force is relatively low.

This essay will highlight the women representation in business management in Pakistan.

The education system in Pakistan still suffers form problems like low public spending and poverty.

The poor conditions of public schools in Pakistan leads to most parents keeping their kids specially the females form going out. A vast majority of the women in rural areas are involved in house hold work and in agricultural activities as unpaid family work.

For example, a recent IMF data shows that the number of female CEOs in advanced nations is only 20% of the workplace compared to those of males.

Furthermore, the percentage of women involved in the leading level of posts in developing countries are merely seen.

Take for example some private companies are now encouraging paternity leave as well as maternity one.

This enables male workers to spend more time with their children if their partners were to agree to look after living expenses.


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