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Learn the rules for assigning the absolute configuration at a chiral carbon atom in an organic molecule, as well as how to assign R and S stereochemistry.You'll also see examples that will help you approach problems involving stereochemistry.

Learn the rules for assigning the absolute configuration at a chiral carbon atom in an organic molecule, as well as how to assign R and S stereochemistry.

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If the molecule has just one chiral carbon, these two configurations are called enantiomers.

The two possible molecules are mirror images of each other, but they are non-superimposable.

Carbon, when neutral, is bonded to four groups in a tetrahedral arrangement.

What this means is that each group points as far away from the other in three-dimensional space as it can.

When we draw our arrows, we can see that the compound on the left is S and the one on the right is R.

When the groups contain more than one atom, we may need to look beyond the first atom to assign the absolute configuration. The first group is CH2 in two chains, so we need to look beyond that position.Imagine carbon in the center of the tetrahedron shown below, with each of the four atoms that it is bonded to pointing in the direction of each corner. When a molecule contains a chiral carbon atom, there are four different groups attached to the carbon.Because of the way the groups orient themselves in space, the molecule can exist in one of two configurations at that carbon, called the absolute configuration.As we move outward one atom, we can see that the nitrogen has higher priority than another carbon atom, which makes this compound R.In the example on the right, the groups contain only carbon and hydrogen, but they are different groups: When a group contains multiple bonds, we can think about the groups as shown below.If a molecule has one stereocenter of R configuration, then in the mirror image of that molecule, the stereocenter would be of S configuration, and vice-versa.Determination of R or S configuration can be applied in three steps: 1.You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.There are no wedges indicating which direction the group is pointing, so we can't assign stereochemistry at this center.In this lesson, you learned how to assign chirality at a chiral carbon atom.


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