Being Your Own Boss Essay

Being Your Own Boss Essay-11
When the person tries to find a job and the hiring manager sees how long they have been out of work and not enough experience, they may be hesitant to hire the individual.

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Waking up at 10 AM and starting work at 1 PM is one of the biggest benefits of being self-employed. Come to think of it, I think having to wake up in the morning is probably one of the reasons why I always hated my day job.

If the person that is self-employed does not manage money well, they run the risk of losing their business due to mismanagement.

This will be a great disadvantage because not only is the person not able to be self-employed but they might have been out of the work field for a long time and did not gain much experience in a field that they would go out and try to work in after they figure out that working for themselves is not going to work for them.

How can you even do any work, when there’s a boss hovering over your shoulder every few minutes, criticizing your work, not appreciating your creativity, never listening to your ideas, and making you feel anxious.

Being self-employed, you won’t have to worry about any of that. At the moment, I’m actually earning 20X more than the salary I was earning at my day job.


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