Beowulf Assignments

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Your class can also discuss the definition of a hero or good leader versus that of a monster.

They can relate these qualities to contemporary heroes, leaders, and “monsters.” This discussion will show students that, even though the culture in Our Literary Touchstone Classics are unabridged, complete texts, and come with unbelievable prices.

Each book is a value-priced, high-quality trade paperback, which you will receive for at least 50% off retail.

Purchase the book Beowulf, a heroic warrior of the Geats, helps the Danish king Hrothgar, whose great hall is frequently attacked by a monster called Grendel.

This apparently unimportant task is more revealing than we may think; it establishes a hierarchy in the hall” (Word

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Prose translations may work best if you have limited time, but more advanced high school students can study poetic translations, which will better demonstrate the meter of the original piece.Grendel’s mother, who actually is a monster, attacks without reason, as well. Because she serves as a cautionary tale to the nature of Grendel’s mother, indicated through the striking similarities between both characters, Thryth plays a fundamental role in this epic poem. This is why she kills Hrothgar’s companion after discovering Grendel’s mortally wounded body, ultimately challenging Beowulf to fight in her under-water battle hall. However, this battle differs from the one fought against Grendel in that Beowulf is almost defeated by Grendel’s mother. While Thryth serves as a cautionary tale, Grendel’s mother plays the important role of the enemy, as demonstrated through her battle against the protagonist of the story. Although she is not as strong and powerful as her son, who could kill thirty men at once, she is motivated by revenge. I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.Differing from the customs associated with women today, females in the 500s were subservient in a patriarchal culture that placed no value on them besides fulfilling domestic needs.Perhaps this is why the epic poem, Beowulf, stresses the importance of male heroism and minimizes the appearance of women, as it was written during the Anglo-Saxon era.


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