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When Cassius and Brutus were discussing strategies, Brutus suggested that they attack now because there are at their strongest and Cassius suggested that they wait and let the enemies come to them so the enemies will be tired. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567857723"Brutus's bad decision-making skill also led to his death.In reality, it was the conspirators who were “ambitious” rather than Caesar, evidenced by Antony at Caesar’s burial: “When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept/Ambition should be made of sterner stuff” (3.2.90–91).

Caesar is noted as wearing a doublet, a type of buttoned jacket, rather than the traditional Roman toga (Shakespeare edited by Crowther 1.2.262).

Brutus and Cassius also note that the clock strikes three, even though there were no mechanical clocks at that time in history (2.1.199–200).

Gerald Erickson reviews Parenti’s book on the historical Caesar and states that Caesar was “a truly legendary figure whose image in traditional history and literature diverges from the historical reality.” Based on information known about conflicts of class, assumptions are made concerning how Caesar may have conducted himself in trying to govern the Roman people.

Shakespeare offers the perspective of the governed individuals, by showing Brutus and Cassius as trying to free Rome from potential tyranny.

Brutus's underestimation of Antony leads to his death. Copperplate engraving by Edward Scriven from a painting by Richard Westall.

Cassius had experience as a soldier, but Brutus does not listen.

Through the plot and the actions of the characters, the reader is able to see how the political sphere seems to have its own morals, or lack thereof, which often conflict with one’s innate sense of right or wrong.

Through Brutus especially, the audience understands Shakespeare’s assertion that power people of England had already heard stories of the classical ruler Caesar, so Shakespeare likely used this common knowledge as a starting point for his play.

As Shakespeare dramatizes, Cassius and Brutus led the assassination fueled by pride, fear of Caesar’s power, and greed for their own authority.hakespeare drew the basic story line, characters, and order of events from his sources, primarily the historical knowledge of Caesar’s life and Plutarch’s interpretation.

However, there are many facets of the play which did not occur in history and are different from Plutarch.


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