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Since we want to maximise lawn size cared for in both settings, our eventual outreach to urban dwellings will focus on high-end houses and lawns on large, often older, lots.

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She will continue to work in her current job while Red manages the day-to-day details of the company.

Over the first summer, Red will be the primary employee, with some part-time help from his son, Rye.

Red will be basing the business out of our home, very close to the target market.

Red will start by speaking with his own neighbours.

Transportation time and costs for all the equipment make it more profitable to do a few large lawns than many smaller ones.

By doing a superb job on these rural lawns in the first year, we hope to build a positive reputation which will carry over with recommendations to co-workers and friends in our customers’ former urban neighbourhoods.Some common landscape practices waste water, pollute streams with fertilizers and pesticides, may harm families’ health, and often harm plant health too. Homeowners associations, developers, and commercial property owners can use the documents below to contract for healthy landscape maintenance services, or to guide their own staff and residents.These Natural Landscaping practices help create vibrant landscapes that need less water, fertilizer and pesticides, are easier to maintain, healthier for residents and are more attractive for higher property values.Over the last three years, the prices for homes in the nearby urban place advertisements have skyrocketed.By targeting customers with large lawns and parcels of property, we will fill the niche created by urban flight, as well as keep our margins higher than we could with small lawns.We will have a modest profit in the first year, but expect profits over ,000 in the second fiscal year and over ,000 in the third year.Our objectives for the first three years of operation are to: The mission of Fescue & Sons Yard Care is to provide top-quality residential and commercial yard care service.Here is a step by step tutorial on how to start a business.This sample will provide you with some of the elements that should be included in your lawn and garden service business plan. Fescue & Sons Yard Care is a residential lawn care service targeting rural middle-class homes with large yards which the owners cannot care for well on their own.This population is the most likely to use a lawn care service such as ours, since they often have more acreage than they can easily care for.In the second year, Red will expand service beyond the small rural town to the urban area located 15 miles east.


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