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The Kniffens' two sons also claimed to have been abused. The Mc Cuans and Kniffens were convicted in 1984 and given a combined sentence of over 1000 years in prison. For instance, the testimony of five young boys was the prosecution's key evidence in a trial in which four defendants were convicted.

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The cases involved claims of paedophile-sex-ring-performed Satanic ritual abuse, with as many as 60 children testifying they had been abused.

At least 36 people were convicted and most of them spent years imprisoned. The district attorney responsible for the convictions was Ed Jagels, In 1982, Alvin and Debbie Mc Cuan's two daughters, coached by their step-grandmother Mary Ann Barbour, who had custody of them, alleged they had been abused by their parents, and accused them of being part of a sex ring that included Scott and Brenda Kniffen.

She was reported to be under the influence of alcohol and to be covered in urine and faeces. The Police did a welfare call to Ms J and submitted an Adult Concern to the local authority, reporting that she was still in the same condition as when she left hospital and that her home was also dirty and soiled, with lots of empty alcohol bottles and cans.

Helen and Karen from the adult social care visited Ms J.

Casework: What it Really Takes Child Welfare Information Gateway (2018) Offers guidance and examples from former caseworkers on how to manage time, energy, and emotion for new or future caseworkers, along with tips on how to perform the work.

Child Protection Manuals for Professionals State Guides and Manuals Search Offers State-specific information about child protection.Please note some names have been changed to protect the victim’s identity.Case Study 1: This is a story of a young adult who experienced physical and psychological abuse from a parent, and how he managed to break the cycle and have an independent and happy life.Mark said he had some money to buy a second hand bed, however the community resource he was to go to was now closed.Mark was signposted to a new furniture service to buy a bed.Self was sent to a mental hospital for sexual offenders because he had two prior convictions for child molestation. Prior to the start of the Kern County child abuse cases, several local social workers had attended a training seminar that foregrounded satanic ritual abuse as a major element in child sexual abuse, and had used the now-debunked memoir Michelle Remembers as training material.The following case studies/videos are being shared with you to help you to better understand the impact of the different types of abuse and neglect and how different agencies work to support individuals at risk of or, experiencing abuse or neglect."It never happened," Ed Sampley, one of the accusers, told a New York Times reporter in 2004. Stoll was in prison for 19 years before his conviction was reversed.A documentary titled Witch Hunt, which focused primarily on Stoll's case, was produced and released in 2007.MSNBC also made a documentary on John Stoll and the Kern County cases.Sampley and three other former accusers returned in 2004 to the courthouse where they had testified against Stoll, this time to say that Stoll never molested them.


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