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This simple statement should be able to convey your thesis and then allow you to begin arguing your essay. I also thought this might be easier if you had some useful resouces, so here goes. The first one is really neat, from the British Museum. This Wikipedia links breaks things up into categories, which might be helpful.

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You can also use the terms radical or completely to describe a change, but be careful as you will need to address a similarity and usage of these terms might make that harder or even impossible.

Terms to use for continuities: throughout this period, continued to, persistent, lasting, enduring, ongoing, constant, sustained, or maintained.

In this process you are forced to address causation – what caused the initial change? Did anything change the direction it was taking, what and why? (This might be political expediency/foreign policy/emergency events/public emotion, etc.) · Your thesis must include your argument (what changed, what remained the same, and why did it happen this way), the geographic focus of the question (the places identified), and the time frame specified in the question (the dates).· When asked to discuss or even analyze changes or transformations, do not describe them as positive or negative, but rather describe specifics about the actual continuity or change/transformation.

· Be sure to provide evidence to support your description of the continuity and changes/transformations, which should be different than your actual description of them.· · Be sure to focus on analyzing the continuities and changes over time, rather than just listing events in the order they occurred or narrating what happened in the “story line.” Terms to use for changes: previously, before, until that time, up to that time, formerly, from that point forward, over time, as things evolved, in the [fill in the blank] century, or then comes the period of time when [such and such happened].

A change-over-time essay is not a research paper; it is a paper that supports a thesis with sound analysis rather than a rehash of an article in an encyclopedia. Change-over-time essays follow the same basic rules as writing comparative essays.

They deal with change that has occurred in an area such as technology, trade, culture, migrations or religious influence.

In 1960, the children of WWII veterans rebelled against newly won consumerism and listened to psychedelic rock and roll while Vietnam heated up before coming to a boil (i.e., worsened until reaching a decisive level).

A thesis for this would be drawn from identifying cultural change as moving from conservatism and post-war economic expansion to rebellion and naturalism while political change moved from global war to suspicion to local engagements.

Depending on the theme, the process described can involve tidal waves, the regular ebbing and flowing of waves, the impact from a large rock or meteor in the ocean, or ripples from the throw of a pebble in a pond. ] 3) Do the waves/ripples flow in any set pattern that would help analyze the changes/continuities? ] 4) Does the same kind/size of rock [event] produce the same results?

You can consider events at the beginning, middle and end of the time period and you should consider: 1) What started the ripples or waves? [Or is there something different about the specific event that makes its impact greater?


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