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This piece discusses racism in a way that I think is very telling: it shows that what has happened is that the West has fallen prey to a single story about Africa.A single story is powerful, in that it can give people motivations or reasons to conquer or oppress people in the name of “saving” them or bringing them enlightenment of some sort.Given these images, it is clear that Conrad is racist, and it is surprising to Achebe that in all the years of scholarship, no one seems to even want to admit that or deal with it.

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The issues set forth by Achebe in his essay are still very prominent today in that by and large, no one seems to question the idea of the single story of Africa as exactly what Conrad set forth, despite the fact that it was never that way, that there were diverse people, languages, art, and nations."An extraordinary missionary Albert Schweitzer, who sacrificed the wonderful career of European music and theology in the same field of Africa.With the comments often cited for the life of human service, Schweitzer said:" Africans are certainly my My brothers are my junior brothers.In "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness," Chinua Achebe criticizes Joseph Conrad for his racist stereotypes towards the continent and people of Africa.He claims that Conrad propagated the "dominant image of Africa in the Western imagination" rather than portraying the continent in its true form (1793)." Chinua Achebe has challenged Joseph Conrad's novel in his article "The African Image" (1975) and depicts Africa's looting, dark heart (1902).Achebe considers almost acceptably accepted works as "classics" and argues that Conrad is writing "bloody racial discrimination", anger and persistent that brings the perspective of a famous African writer It is an argument.In his essay "The image of Africa: racial discrimination in Conrad's dark heart", he believes that "Joseph Conrad is a thorough racist" (260).The influence as a place is definitely evident in the spiritual grace situation of Europe itself "(261).The only two times when they are given language are when they are cannibals asking for people to eat or the slave man telling the narrator that Mr.Kurtz is dead: those examples, Achebe states, are purposeful in that they are made to show how horrific these people are and how awful the state they are in as black people.


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