Comprehension And Critical Thinking

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Reading comprehension involves the ability to not only read the lines but also the abstract step of “reading between the lines.” However, the next crucial step involves higher order thinking that takes reading between the lines one step farther. Higher-order thinking skills enable students to do this and find the real value in the information they are reading.

Students with poor reading comprehension skills lack adequate ability to truly understand the many facets of what they are reading.

Higher-order thinking is the ability to think beyond rote memorization of facts or knowledge. Higher order thinking skills involve actually doing something with the facts that we learn.

When students use their higher order thinking skills that means they understand, they can find connections between many facts, they can manipulate them, and put them together in new ways.

Readers who can use higher order thinking not only show knowledge and understanding of the text, they can put the information in new contexts and form relations between ideas.

Parents can help their students develop higher order thinking skills with a little sit-down time with their child.This not only requires comprehension skills but ultimately good thinking skills.As students grow into mature readers, their comprehension and thinking skills should also mature.Review reading material together and ask questions that help make connections and see analogies.Rather than simply asking, “What was the story about?Good reading comprehension skills do more than allow students to make sense of what they read.By using higher order thinking skills they can use new information to make help make sense of their world through analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.Most importantly they can apply them to find new solutions to problems.Students with poor reading comprehension skills may be able to answer concrete questions or recall details. But they may have a difficult time summarizing information, or comparing one story to another, or using new information to reach new conclusions.” also ask “How was this story like another you have read?” Encourage the reader to identify problems or dilemmas so they see themselves as problem solvers.


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