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Alex Osborn, the founder of the Creative Education Foundation[2], developed the creative problem solving (CPS) model in the 1940s.

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Distance yourself from the problem mentally, assuming that you are solving it not for yourself but someone else or the deadline to solve the problem is far ahead. It motivates your mind to dig a bigger picture and open your wisdom to discover approaches and ways you might have missed if you were taking the problem too narrowly and under pressure.

Art Markman, a psychology professor from the University of Texas, also supports this notion.

Or if your favorite thing to do at night is to hand out with friends, at that time, take some time to think about possible solutions. Having lesser than required focus actually helps leaders come up with a unique solution to a big problem.

For instance, in a test like SATs, having a set of answers for every question, you do your best when you feel freshest, but when it is about thinking innovatively, significant amount of brainpower can really obstruct your ability, as per the study published in the Journal Thinking & Reasoning[5].

"The more different ways you describe the problem you're trying to solve, the more different things you know about that you will call to mind," says Markman. When you think specifically, you limit your memory and stifle creativity. "That freed him to try lots of different methods of separation," says Markman.

Hence: the Dual Cyclone vacuum that led Dyson to fame and fortune.

Real leaders, who inspire and become a role model, are rare in today’s hyper competitive, global and financially-driven markets.

The road to transformation and success is paved with difficulties and obstacles.

If you are leading a business, in either owner or managerial capacity, it is imperative to solve big problems creatively and efficiently.

Problem solving is important whether you are a one-person department or have a big team.


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