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Are marriages arranged for money or property, never for love, or is love the only reason to marry?

Are sexual relations considered a sin, or is it an encouraged or glorified part of life?

Don't: Reference Earth The major thing that all fantasy authors must watch out for is accidentally making reference to places, people, objects, and concepts that exist in their own world, but not in the world in which their story is set.

There are many different ways that this appears in fiction, and I will point out all the most common mistakes and what can be done to correct them.

Something especially creative and fun is to invent slang or curses that your characters can use.

Many medieval curses and exclamations were derived from references to God or Saints, for example, the epithets "God's thumb! What they will use as curses and slang will depend on what they value as a society.You may have to think of units in terms of the society in which your character lives; what is important to them and what are they most likely to stress and express when quantifying various objects?If they are nomadic, perhaps they measure physical distance in a unit referring to the average distance they cover in a day's travel.That's really the balance that you want to achieve in a fantasy narrative; a feeling of the unfamiliar, in a world completely unlike our own, but also with similarities.This makes it easier to write than trying to come up with something completely different and alien, because you may allow yourself to lapse into making references to things the writer and reader will be familiar with, without seeming lazy or apathetic to creating an original setting.Also, historically, pale skin was attractive, showing that one did not need to work outside and was well-off enough that they did not need to do heavy labor.These are both opposite the ideals of beauty in our society today, mostly because of technological advances making them obsolete.In cultures with little room left for burying people, bodies are burned, or in places where there are often floods or areas that are beneath sea-level, bodies are put into mausoleums above ground.In fact, in some places in Europe with full graveyards and no room for expansion, graves are "rented" for a period of years and then the body removed to make room for someone else! Is this culture encouraging or restrictive when it comes to love and sex?Many units of measurement have historically been based on the dimensions of the human body; a foot was originally the length of a human foot, some things were measured in hand-spans, and an inch developed from the width of the human thumb.These might provide insight into coming up with an original measurement system, if you are so inclined.


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