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You can take plenty of notes with this limit, but you won’t be able to upload as many photos or documents.Ok, we may be a bit biased, but even we love our title capitalization tool.Personally, I prefer sitting in an actual cafe to listening to these websites, but these tools make a great option when I’m stuck at home for a day.

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It’s a great writing tool for digital marketers who aren’t quite sure what to write about but want to create content that people will find interesting.

When paired with a blog title generator, Buzz Sumo can be quite powerful.

Great tool when you don’t feel like writing in Microsoft Word or Google Docs anymore.

Buzz Sumo is a great tool for content marketers in particular because it shows you the top trending topics on the Internet and allows you to easily connect with Influencers.

I have never paid for the Premium version and enjoy the benefits of the free version all the same.

If you’re writing a manuscript, Scrivener makes it extremely easy to organize sections of your manuscript so you can quickly add and edit sections as you have inspiration.You can create unlimited “Boards” and then create “Lists” with cards for tasks such as content topics.For each of my blogs, I have a list of articles I want to write in a “Backlog” list organized by priority.If you’re considering writing any sort of long document, be it a book, thesis, or dissertation, Scrivener is the writing tool for you.They have a great video describing their product below: While you can certainly go for a more sophisticated editorial planning tool like Co Schedule, Trello offers amazing planning and organizational capabilities for the price of free.If you don’t feel inspired after watching them, then maybe try generating some new blog title ideas.Draft is a distraction-free writing app that lets you quickly write documents without any confusing features.We use it and the Word Press plugin all the time when we’re publishing here.Use it to properly capitalize your titles with correct title capitalization rules.If you’re a student, you can get Evernote Premium for 50% off, but the free version has plenty to offer.You can have as many notebooks as you want in Evernote, but you’re limited to uploading 60MB of content per month with the free version.


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