Critical Thinking And Communication Skills

Critical Thinking And Communication Skills-36
It presupposes assent to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use.It entails effective communication and problem solving abilities and a commitment to overcome our native egocentrism and sociocentrism.

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For this reason, the development of critical thinking skills and dispositions is a life-long endeavor.

They work diligently to develop the intellectual virtues of intellectual integrity, intellectual humility, intellectual civility, intellectual empathy, intellectual sense of justice and confidence in reason.

It is thus to be contrasted with: 1) the mere acquisition and retention of information alone, because it involves a particular way in which information is sought and treated; 2) the mere possession of a set of skills, because it involves the continual use of them; and 3) the mere use of those skills ("as an exercise") without acceptance of their results.

Critical thinking varies according to the motivation underlying it.

Its quality is therefore typically a matter of degree and dependent on, among other things, the quality and depth of experience in a given domain of thinking or with respect to a particular class of questions.

No one is a critical thinker through-and-through, but only to such-and-such a degree, with such-and-such insights and blind spots, subject to such-and-such tendencies towards self-delusion.

Are you looking for ways to improve communication and the flow of ideas with those around you?

There are skills that have the capability to greatly improve your capacity to make objective, effective choices and arguments, and those are critical thinking skills.

Without these skills, arguments can often be one-sided.

Criticism can feel like a personal attack on your character rather than an opportunity to open up dialogue and communicate productively.


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