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There are several schools of thought that detail core steps in the critical thinking process.Each of them leads to intellectual analysis of the information at hand, identifies areas that require more research, and finally indicates a course of action that best solves the problem.

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Opening up to a variety of solutions can help you create new options for your customers.

Let's say a publisher of textbooks is informed by its sales team that educators want better options for creating exams.

Successful companies are ones that take a process apart, examine its components carefully, and gather relevant information.

This collaborative process encourages creative thinking and oftentimes results in very effective problem-solving.

Some examples of critical thinking applied in the workplace follow.

Innovation creates successful business products, and being closed off to new ideas automatically stifles innovation.Ultimately, the company may discover that there are cost-effective ways to offer customers choices among several digital and print exam-building tools.The critical thinking process can easily generate multiple solutions borne out of one question." Instead of shooting down a new idea without giving it any thought, the application of critical thinking could result in a more effective way of doing business.Perhaps the marketplace has changed, or new data has been made available that suggests a different direction.The phrase "critical thinking skills" is often heard in business circles or seen listed in job requirements and MBA program descriptions.However, it's not always clear what it actually means.A manager resistant to new ideas, technology or expense may insist the company continue to provide the printed exams it always has.A critical-thinking manager instead may take the time to explore providing new, digital exam-building tools.Marketing professionals especially benefit from critical thinking.A product's packaging, message and advertising is most successful when targeted at a specific demographic.


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