Critical Thinking For High School Students

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“Creating a space for your students to write often and routinely in a low-pressure way allows more creativity to discover what they might want to say—and to see what they don’t want to write about” (Alber, 2016).

Writing allows students to make meaning of what they are learning.

Formative assessment, done well, represents one of the most powerful instructional tools available to a teacher (Stiggins & Du Four, 2009).

If you would like to strengthen Formative Assessment in your school, visit 60 Non-Threatening Formative Assessment Techniques (Teach Thought, 2015). With the push to cover more content and standards, teachers often make a choice between coverage or pausing for reflection.

Once a unit is finished, the teacher moves to the next unit.

Reflection involves slowing down to share what we learned.

Standards are not designed to be a checklist and students need time for reflection. classrooms provide a safe zone where failure is not an option.

Students develop deeper understanding when they have time to struggle. It is not an option, because students are spoon fed the correct answer, rather than asking students to create, collaborate, think critically, analyze, write, and explore. “In a productive struggle, students grapple with the issues and are able to come up with a solution themselves, developing persistence and resilience in pursuing and attaining the learning goal or understanding” (Allen, 2012, A Conversation with Author and Educator Robyn Jackson).

In the 1980s, the focus was on content knowledge and mastery learning.

Today’s student must be able to apply content knowledge and conceptual understanding across content areas. According to Grant Wiggins (2013), “Transfer is the bottom-line goal of all learning, not scripted behavior.


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