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The first thing that catches the eye with this prompt (other than the fact that it’s not optional) is the word limit. In fact, you can barely write an introduction in under 100 words.So how are you supposed to write about all of the things you like about the college? Face ashen, she stumbles toward me, the heavy footfalls syncing with my throbbing heart.

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The key to answering this prompt is to prioritize what you’re hoping for from your college experience.

Don’t write one sentence each about ten or twelve different things you appreciate about Dartmouth. Remember, admissions officers want to know if your interest in the school is authentic and well-informed.

Read more I sauntered under the rotting wooden arch, careful not to hit the throng of dwarf-like minions that ran and clung to my side."SEPHORA, Natasha said she would show me her booger but it was just mud and water and I just don't think that's fair and she's being really mean and I need he...

Read more Dartmouth College, commonly referred to as Dartmouth (/ˈdɑrtməθ/ dart-məth), is a private Ivy League research university located in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States.

How do you navigate a family tradition in present day?

” So this prompt is a chance for admissions officers to learn more about where you come from or an interesting story about your background that they might not deduce from your application.Even though the word limit is so short, admissions officers should be able to picture parts of campus where you’ll contribute.Since this question asks for a story, legend, genealogy, or tradition, you have freedom in deciding the part of your background to highlight.You might be fascinated by the ability to design your own unique major.You might be excited by the prospect of studying Astrophysics in greater detail than ever.After all, Dartmouth only accepted of applicants for the Class of 2023.Your scores, extracurriculars, and personal statement are undoubtedly important. So in order to be more specific about why you’re applying to Dartmouth, and convey to the admissions officers why you might be a good fit for the school, you need to take advantage of the A lot of students apply to top schools such as Dartmouth for the name and fame - to appease their parents or tell their friends they got into an Ivy League school.The institution consists of a liberal arts college, the Geisel School of Medicine, the Thayer School of Engineering, and the Tuck...If you’re planning to apply to Dartmouth College, you probably already know that you need to build a stellar application in order to stand out among the tough competition.When the word limit is so restricted, there’s no space to beat around the bush.Browse the college’s website or social media pages and see how courses, clubs, or study abroad programs align with your passions.


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