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The entries are sad, desperate, entertaining, and offer a sideways glance into the now familiar world of Sedaris’s writing.

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Next question.” And of course there was no next question, everyone was too scared. For example, I now demand things because I’m no longer young. I was sitting in first-class on an airplane and a woman said to me, “How lucky you are to be sitting here. She has her MFA from Lesley and skulks about on Twitter @lyzl.So I try, because no one goes to a reading thinking, I hope the author makes me feel terrible about myself tonight. I’m friends with a lot of writers and so many of them say how much they hate signings and how they leave after a certain period of time. I never look down the line to see how many more people are left.But what is so hard about sitting there while people tell you how much they love you? And I always try to make people talk about something besides whatever they planned to say.Now often when I meet people they say, “It’s nice to meet you,” and I think, Oh we’ve met before. But, when I met Hugh, it was what I call a “clean meet.” I met him and wrote about him.What was more likely to happen is that I would meet someone and they would just show up in my journal much later. Sedaris: David and I met after he heard me on the radio. He told me he once had a boyfriend who could also sing like Billie Holiday and we talked.So, performance is really an important part of how I edit.I sometimes take something out because I realize I put in a joke just to be funny and the audience laughed, but I should be ashamed of myself. So then when Morning Edition called, it wasn’t like I had just started writing then.Sedaris: I remember what it’s like to be in the audience.I would go to book signings and I remember how it felt to stand in line.I sometimes take out sentences, which are perfectly fine on paper, just because they don’t flow when I say them out loud. Rumpus: One of the most amazing things about reading your diary was realizing how sudden fame seemed to come. But what happened was that I was suddenly put in front of an audience.You had a poignant entry about feeling like a failure then, boom, you’re on NPR and, a few entries later, have a book deal. Before I had done readings in Chicago at the Lower Links and maybe seven hundred people would show up and not to hear me, but just for the show, which had other readers.


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