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That’s way sequential invoice numbers make your life easier.

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We don't "own" our IP address—for instance, it's not like a homeowner's address, which is linked to a piece of land and a building on it.

Your IP address can change and it's never really tied to your name or address, at least not in a way the public can see it.

IANA, based in the United States, is an Internet-specific organization that gives out (assigns and allocates) IP addresses in a systematic, organized and consistent manner that benefits everyone.

Still, with more than four billion IP addresses assigned worldwide, it's a bit overwhelming for just one single organization to handle, so IANA has some help from other Internet associations.

When a new month starts, you might be tempted to reset the numbers back to ‘1’. Suddenly you have several invoices labelled ‘3’, but all for different clients, or for the same client but for different months.

Even if you mark invoices with the client and the month, there is increased possibility for confusion.This is particularly true if you have multiple clients: do you have a separate invoice numbering system for each client?Our tips on how to assign invoice numbers will in terms of keeping track of all of your invoices, no matter how small or large your business.We know for sure that: As a result of these challenges, many companies choose to comply via paper invoices and manual processes and miss out on the huge opportunity for cost savings and streamlined processes that can be derived from e-invoicing.If your accounts are audited, then incorrectly numbered invoices can look suspicious.With this system, the first invoice for project 1 is numbered ‘1’, and the numbers increase sequentially until the end of the project. This is particularly good for medium sized or larger businesses, which perhaps have separate teams of employees working on each of several projects at a given time.The first invoice for project 2 is also numbered ‘1’, and the numbers for this project also increase sequentially until the end of the project. The project related numbering system nevertheless works on a basic sequential numbering model, so it also has the advantages of sequential numbering systems, as discussed above.IANA and RIRs make sure our IP addresses will work when we need them to work, whatever that IP address at any one time is and wherever we happen to be.When it comes to assigning invoice numbers, life can seem like it is not all that straightforward.This number is one of the most important elements of every invoice.Its role is to identify transactions, so it needs to be unique.


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