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It is the opinion of most sociologist that it is irrational to consider social classification as a genetic factor.

It is the opinion of most sociologist that it is irrational to consider social classification as a genetic factor.This is because human from different divides and social backgrounds have been known to interact and live in similar classes.

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Charles Darwin proposed heritable characteristics are determined through natural selection.

Darwin was of the opinion that an individual would inherit the optimal characteristics that would ensure his survival or have a reproductive advantage.

Biologists have gone further to use the differences in male and female brain to explain the difference in behaviours between the sexes (Kronfeldner, 2009).

Biological determinism operates on the assumption that all behaviours have particular causes, which are mainly genetic or related to biological functions and processes.

Therefore, the biological determinists view the inequalities between sexes, nations, classes as intrinsic rather than extrinsic (Carolan, 2005).

Therefore, this theory portrays the picture that if one person is less successful than the other is, it is s not because of the contributing factors in the environment, but because the other person is intrinsically incapable of being successful.

The Y chromosome in men leads to production of testosterone and other male hormones.

Therefore, the male brain develops differently from that of a woman due to the difference in genetic material in the sexes.

Raine’s experiment only focused on the innate factors while it ignored the external factors such as the environments that may control the behaviours of an individual.

Biological determinism also focuses on reductionism. Reductionism views individuals as divided into hierarchical groups.


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