Differential Calculus Solved Problems

Integral calculus implies a form of mathematics that identifies volumes, areas and solutions to equations.

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Solving or evaluating functions in math can be done using direct and synthetic substitution.

Students should have experience in evaluating functions which are: 1.

Thus it involves calculating derivatives and using them to solve problems involving nonconstant rates of change.

Typical applications include finding maximum and minimum values of functions in order to solve practical problems in optimization.

Its importance in the world of mathematics is in filling the void of solving complex problems when more simple math cannot provide the answer.

What many people do not realize is that calculus is taught because it is used in everyday life outside of high school and college classrooms.

Calculus consists of two main branches called differential and integral calculus.

Differential calculus deals with derivatives and their applications.

However, due to discrepancies on which man developed conclusions first, it has been deemed that the two worked independently of each other on the subject.

Other claims regarding the origins of this type of mathematics include the Greeks working on the main ideas that form the basis for calculus as far back as 450 BC.


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