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I’ve also included the following three things in this post to help you with your observation essay: Let’s start with our annotated observation essay examples.

As you read through these two observation essay examples, notice that both have a have a purpose for telling their story.

In case my three-sentence explanation didn’t clear it all up for you, here’s an article with more information about writing observation essays: The Observation Essay: How to Make More Brilliant Observations.

Right now, I see a student looking for a little help on an observation essay. But an observation essay isn’t just about listing what you see. You need to frame your observations in some type of story. ”In other words, why are you writing the paper, and what should readers get from reading it?

When my mother asked where leprechauns lived, one child replied that, and I quote, “leprechauns live in the grass and run around from tree to tree, they are itsy bitsy and very hard to see.” These children believed that these creatures were real, but they just could not see them. To test the children’s belief in the unrealistic, I had my mother and the kids make little pots, and then I had my mother tell all of the kids that if they were good, the leprechaun would leave them gold in their pot.

While these kids were eating their snacks, I left and put gold candy in their pots, and then waited for their reactions and comments when they came back to see what had happened.Even if they’re chronological, observation essays cannot simply be a list of things you observe. In this paragraph, the writer begins to explain the children’s behavior and separation anxiety.Thus, it’s clear that this writer’s purpose is not to just observe kids for the sake of observation but to analyze their behavior based on materials studied in a specific class.As I sat down to play with the children, I noticed one thing right away.The boys in the group were very wild and rambunctious, and the girls seemed to be shy and reserved.She said that the children often would cry and become very uneasy.I believe that these would be signs of separation anxiety.This introduction is informative and reads like a scientific report because it discusses language acquisition and other aspects of child development.Given that, this type of introduction is appropriate.However, some scientific papers require the use of third person, and this paper uses first person.Make sure to check your assignment guidelines before you start writing.(Read: How to Read and Understand an Essay Assignment.)When I first arrived at the preschool, the kids seemed very shy towards me and they did not seem like they were very sociable.


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