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To comply with the UK law, the employer should follow the procedures stipulated by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

In Paul’s case, although the employer may have had justified grounds to dismiss him, the procedures were not followed from various perspectives.

Most significantly, he was not given notice or allowed a disciplinary hearing.

The requirements for fair dismissal include the capability (or lack of) the employee to work, their conduct, redundancy and circumstances that prevent them from conducting their job legally, such as the loss of a driving license by a driver.

The purpose of this paper is to;using case studies, explain the sources, institutions, and enforcements systems for individual employment rights.

This will be accomplished through the use of case studies; the nature and scope of the contract will be discussed and the content and case study examples will explain the sources, institutions and enforcement systems for individual employment rights.

“Just Cause” action provides that an employee is liable for punishment for performing the duties or tasks contrary to either the express or implied instructions or terms of employment. List all the factors that may be relevant to determine the question of whether an individual works as an “employee” under a contract of employment.

According to Honeyball (2012), throughout the world people who are serving in any institution with a contract of employment, known as an employee.

Eileen's act of chatting online during office hours could be a fair reason for dismissal.

The fair reasons for dismissal are conduct, inability to do ones work, illness, redundancy, retirement and statutory restriction.


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