Essay About Living In The Big City

This paper is devoted to revealing the pros and cons of living in a big city such as Los Angeles.However, my personal strong belief is that metropolitan life may provide significantly more opportunities to a person eager to take a challenge.

This situation compares favorably to a friend of mine who lives in a small town and recently had to hire an expensive babysitter to watch her children when they get home from school, as she was not able to locate any meaningful activities for them to take part in.

Secondly, large cities offer cultural experiences that adults can enjoy and appreciate.

Meanwhile, education costs will vary independently on the location.

For example, the College of Wooster costs about $49,780 per year 2012-2013(housing and dining included) (The College of Wooster 2012) while California State University, located in Los Angeles charges about $32,654 for the equal package (California State University 2012).

While being in a non-stop rush, Los Angeles residents spend a huge amount of their time on the road.

There are two reasons for that: large distances leading to long hours of commuting and heavy traffic resulting in jams.

Cities like Los Angeles can boast of a huge choice of activities, such as all-year-round outdoor sports from skiing to swimming.

There are plenty of places to see, such as Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, Hollywood museums, the Griffith Park with its observatory, the Pasadena Museum of History, etc. There are also Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, cinemas and theaters.

Although the overall cost of life differs strikingly from what small town dwellers are used to, more and more people tend to move to big cities.

It is worth looking at comparison of a small town Wooster, OH and Los Angeles, CA.


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