Essay About Playing Basketball

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Also, if the ball is shot from the distance behind 3 point line, it fetches 3 points.

So, the team that has a maximum number of points is declared the winner.

For scoring a point, a team needs to shoot the ball through the basket.

If a shot is scored from a distance that is closer to the basket than the 3 point line than it fetches 2 points.

Eventually, it evolved till 1950 by which the balls got better shape due to manufacturing.

Additionally, the orange ball was evolved from the brown ball.

Also, the game is played with the help of a ball and the ball is shot into the basket that is positioned horizontally.

So, the objective in the game is to shoot the ball and score the maximum points.

The game I selected was basket ball as it is one of my favorite games and there are too many advantages of playing basket ball.

It was an enjoyable as well as learning experience for me.


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