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They will usually go to the mall with the intention of buying one thing, and come home with bags and bags of merchandise.In some cases, it may be difficult to tell if you are, or a loved one is, a shopaholic.Many people adore shopping, and many people also spend too much money while engaging in this activity.These people believe that the more the shop, the more they will feel better.In reality, compulsive shopping often makes the person feel worse.It is important to note that going a shopping spree once in a while does not mean you are a shopping addict.However, there are several signs and symptoms shopping addicts display that you may want to look for.Because they cannot pay their bills their credit rating suffers, and they may have collecting agencies coming to get what is owed to them.This will lead to many social and relationship problems.Shopping addiction tends to affect more women then men. Holiday season usually help trigger shopping binges for people who are not compulsive shoppers the rest of the year.Many shopping addicts go on shopping binges all year long and may be compulsive about certain items, such as shoes, clothing, or kitchen items; some will just buy anything.


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