Essay About The Chinese Culture

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To forbid oneself to make observations, and take only the observations of others in their stead, is relegating to nonuse one's own powers of reasoning, and the even more basic power of perception.

Not observing where it counts most, not knowing where one wants so much to know, all this is most destructive to the functioning of one's personality...

While some of these essays are thirty years out of date and some are bizarre (Leys has a weird grudge against Edward Said), most of these are still interesting. By definition, the writer is a rebel; he disturbs the established order. The whole thing was kind of boring."All that can be spelled out is without importance""...

My favorites would be the essays on the missionaries in Tibet, the two on the writer Lu Xun, and the demolitions of authors who are willfully ignorant on, or are useful idiots for, authoritarianism. The writer and the revoultionary have a common ground; they are both equally dissatisfied with the present state of affairs, they both refuse the status quo. By definition, the writer is a rebel; he disturbs the established order.

Consider, for instance, the eagle when it swoops upon a rabbit; it is the rabbit that squeals, not the eagle.

Similarly, when a cat catches a mouse, the mouse squeaks, but not the cat.

As soon as he reaches detachment, he ceases to create, for he loves no more. Creation, even when it is a mere outpouring from the heart, wishes to find a public. Yet it can be satisfied with merely one single reader: an old friend, a lover.""Women have a mother-nature and a daughter nature; there are no women with a wife-nature.

The quality of wife is an acquired character; it is a combination of mother and daughter.""Whoever thinks he is objective must already be half drunk.""Trust only him who doubts""Schopenhauer made this observation: when estimating the size of a man, one must follow opposite methods if one wishes to know his spiritual stature of his physical height.

The dialectics of the executioner and his victim are very complicated.

To be a victim is often the best training for an executioner.


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