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And therefore, when men are ingenious in picking out circumstances of contempt, they do kindle their anger much.Lastly, opinion of the touch of a man's reputation, doth multiply and sharpen anger.Again, by gathering (as was touched before) all that you can find out, to aggravate the contempt. The former to take good times, when first to relate to a man an angry business; for the first impression is much; and the other is, to sever, as much as may be, the construction of the injury from the point of contempt; imputing it to misunderstanding, fear, passion, or what you will.

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When Francis Bacon gives advice about regimens for preserving health, we should listen.

He lived to be 65, which was pretty good in the early seventeenth century.

Whosoever is out of patience, is out of possession of his soul.

Men must not turn bees; Anger is certainly a kind of baseness; as it appears well in the weakness of those subjects in whom it reigns; children, women, old folks, sick folks.

The Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral by Francis Bacon THE ESSAYS OR COUNSELS, CIVIL AND MORAL, OF FRANCIS Ld. ALBANS Francis Bacon TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE MY VERY GOOD LORD THE DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM HIS GRACE, LORD HIGH ADMIRAL OF ENGLAND EXCELLENT LORD: SALOMON saies; A good Name is as a precious oyntment; And I assure my selfe, such wil your Graces Name bee, with Posteritie.

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For your Fortune, and Merit both, have been Eminent.Secondly, how the particular motions of anger may be repressed, or at least refrained from doing mischief.Thirdly, how to raise anger, or appease anger in another.The other, that you do not peremptorily break off, in any business, in a fit of anger; but howsoever you show bitterness, do not act anything, that is not revocable.For raising and appeasing anger in another; it is done chiefly by choosing of times, when men are frowardest and worst disposed, to incense them.And you have planted Things, that are like to last.I doe now publish my Essayes; which, of all my other workes, have beene most Currant: For that, as it seemes, they come home, to Mens Businesse, and Bosomes.I have enlarged them, both in Number, and Weight; So that they are indeed a New Worke.I thought it therefore agreeable, to my Affection, and Obligation to your Grace, to prefix your Name before them, both in English, and in Latine.To contain anger from mischief, though it take hold of a man, there be two things, whereof you must have special caution.The one, of extreme bitterness of words, especially if they be aculeate and proper; for cummunia maledicta are nothing so much; and again, that in anger a man reveal no secrets; for that, makes him not fit for society.


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