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Eadred was sickly, and the government seems to have been wholly in the hands of the queen-mother Eadgifu and Dunstan.They were evidently supported by the East Anglian party, headed by the chief ealdorman, Æthelstan, and later events show that the West-Saxon nobles, who had been in power during the reigns of Æthelstan and Eadmund, must to some extent have been opposed to their government.After his expulsion from the court he stayed for a time with his kinsman Bishop Ælfheah at Winchester.

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On the death of Æthelgar, bishop of Crediton, in 953, Eadred pressed Dunstan to accept the see.

He refused, declaring that he was not as yet fit for the episcopal office; he had not indeed attained the canonical age.

They entered the church and prayed, and then the king took Dunstan by the hand, kissed him in token both of peace and honour, led him to the abbot's seat and there installed him, promising that whatever he needed for the better performance of divine worship or for the conduct of the house, he would give him of his royal bounty.

Dunstan's appointment to the abbacy was not later than 945, when he was about twenty-one. He laid the foundation of a new church to take the place of the old St.

What he meant by the ‘Eastern kingdom,’ a term which he also uses on another occasion, it is impossible to say with certainty: it has been held to mean the part of England sometimes so styled (Oriens regnum), which in the ninth century took in Kent, Essex, Surrey, and Sussex, though the signification of the term was scarcely fixed (cf. It may perhaps be taken to signify East Anglia, which was now governed by the senior ealdorman Æthelstan, called the ‘Half-king,’ and it is used with this meaning by the biographer of St. When the king came home he sent for Dunstan, and as soon as he appeared bade him ride with him, for he would go somewhither.

The abbacy of Glastonbury was vacant, and it was to the monastery that the king and the monk rode together.

At the king's request Eadgifu urged him to yield, and he then plainly said that as long as the king lived he would not leave him.

The following night in a vision he dreamed that he was on a pilgrimage to Rome and had reached the brow of Monte Mario (Mons Gaudii), from which pilgrims ‘saw the city of their solemnities lie spread before them’ (, Holy Roman Empire, p. There the three apostles Peter, Paul, and Andrew met him and talked with him of his future life.

He seems to have again dwelt at Glastonbury, though his profession as a monk, while it bound him to live unmarried, did not oblige him to adopt a mode of life such as that enjoined by the Benedictine rule.

He studied the scriptures diligently, and was well skilled in the arts of transcription, painting, and music, playing much upon the harp, which was his constant companion.


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