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Bolaji Carew – a.k.a Ahoy Rica Ricardo, decided to correct the observed ills, by pulling out of the Pyrates Confraternity, with some like minds - Kunle Adigun, and Tunde Jawando, to form the Buccaneer Confraternity, in late 1972 (Alora website, 2005).

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Search for protection: Students also join cult groups in the quest to be protected from being intimidated by others especially cult members.

After joining these cults they soon discover that they are not being protected at all but instead their lives have been kept on the line.4.

Right from the point of initiation, where members are tortured almost to the point of death to the exercise of their daily activities, violence is the all encapsulating factor of cult activities.

Many have died, others have been maimed as a result of cult activities.

The activities of these groups take various destructive forms which include:1. This led to the break up of the group into various groups and the introduction of violence into the activities of cultism.

Essay On Cultism

The males are made to go through different forms of torture where they are severely beaten with sticks and matchets to test their endurance.These cult groups started unleashing terror in the Nigerian universities because each group wanted to prove their supremacy over other groups on Campus.they carry out revenge killings on rival groups, intimidate other students and lecturers into carrying out their will. INITIATION PROCESSThe initiation process of Secret Cult groups are extremely dangerous and life threatening.In 1972 the Buccanneers Association of Nigeria was founded by former members of the pyrate confraternity.( was reported on March 14, 2016 that two students of Abia State University were beheaded as rival cult groups clashed on campus.( 2014, At the Ambrose Alli University One Student was shot dead during a clash by rival cult groups.(https:// 2017, An inter-rival cult clash between members of Vikings and Buccaneer at the Ebonyi state University left a Final year student dead ( these point to how disastrous Cultism canbe be and why urgent steps need to be taken to curb the menace.Desire for revenge: students also join cult groups to seek revenge against someone who intimidated or harassed them.They hope by becoming members of rival groups they can take revenge on those who intimidated them.3.However, it was not long before rancour and acrimony crept into the confraternity, and began to threaten the unity of this family.In what he alleged as violations of the confraternity’s creed, and what others claimed as his expulsion from the Pyrates, Dr.


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