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The goals of these experiments were to promote the German race, “in the name of science”. A Legacy Forum, Josef Mengele, The Experiments) The freezing experiments were conducted to determine the most effective means for the Germans to avoid hypothermia while fighting on the Russian Front.

For as many as five hours, doctors either put prisoners in large vats of ice water, or they would be strapped down on stretchers, and placed outside in the freezing weather naked.

While these people were suffering with the pain of their bodies slowly freezing, the doctors would measure the changes in their body temperature, heart rate, and other factors.

When a prisoner’s body temperature reached 80°F, the doctors would use different methods of rewarming them.

The Gypsies were so dehydrated and so desperate for water, they reportedly “licked the floored after they had been mopped just to get a drop of fresh water. org) Experiments were conducted to find an antidote to phosgene, a toxic gas use as a weapon during World-War I.

At Fort Ney near Strasbourg, France, Nazi doctors exposed roughly 52 concentration camp prisoners to the phosgene gas.But at least one child would become permanently blind. One set of Gypsy twins were sewn to each other’s back. I am not sure why—perhaps because he was the older twin. One surgery on his spine left my brother paralyzed. Mengele would apply dyes to children’s scalps to see if the color can be controlled. (Josef Mengele) One twin recalls the death of his brother. They forced about ninety Gypsies to drink seawater only, while being deprived of food.Obviously since the salt content of the water causes the body to retain more salt, and lose more water, which is why seawater is undrinkable, these experiments caused serious bodily injury, major dehydration, and an enormous amounts of pain and suffering.All restrictions were gone, and these doctors could do whatever they wanted.Many of these prisoners endured pain, and agony, to further the Nazi doctor’s research.They were to have blonde hair, blue eyes, and have pure German blood.Mengele was determined to find out the secret to creating this “perfect” Aryan race.These included sleeping bags, scalding baths, internal irrigation (blistering hot water would be irrigated into the prisoner’s stomach), and the doctors would even force naked women to copulate with the near frozen prisoner.These resuscitation experiments were usually just as painful and deadly as the freezing experiments.


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