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NREL, together with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has identified a total gross wind resource of 346,000 MW in Pakistan, where approximately 120,000 MW can be technically exploited to power the national gird [].

NREL, together with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has identified a total gross wind resource of 346,000 MW in Pakistan, where approximately 120,000 MW can be technically exploited to power the national gird [].At the moment, the first phase of the Zorlu wind project generating 6 MW is in operation whilst a 56 MW plant is yet to be installed.

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It is reliable and capable of producing substantial amount of energy without posing adverse impacts on the environment.

Generally, PV cell and solar thermal conversion systems are used to capture sun energy for various applications in rural and urban areas.

This article reviews the availability of alternative energy resources in Pakistan and associated potentials for full-scale development of sustainable energy systems.

It also discusses exploitation strategies to increase the distribution of indigenous energy resources.

Hence, among other social, economic, and political factors, Pakistan needs to ensure its energy supplies meet the direct and indirect demands of the country not only for maintaining economic growth but also for supporting regional and global economic initiatives.

The vast deficit between demand and supply of electricity recorded in 2009–2010 was 26.82 %.

Pakistan is endowed with potential renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, hydro, and biomass.

These resources have the capacity to be major contributors to future energy production matrix, climate change reduction efforts, and the sustainable energy development of the country.

Out of 42 examined sites, seven have a capacity factor ranging from 10 to 18 % and are appropriate for Bonus wind turbines (Model 600/44 MK IV) [].

However, the potential of these sites is still being explored although the capacity is not enough to contribute to the national grid.


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