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Media might not be able to report news hundred percent without bias but they should try to minimise the biasness when reporting news.

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He continued explained that democracy cannot be identified with majority rule as in democracy should be defined as a complex demand including of respect the voting rights and election results, in a way it also requires protection of liberties, freedoms, legal entitlements, rights to freedom of speech, uncensored distribution of news and fair feedback.

Besides that, the concept of democracy give a general meaning of legal and equal practise political self determination which hold within social, economic and cultural condition.

This is the main function of old media, one-way communication to the public.

On the other hand, the introduction of internet has changed into two-way communication between the public and media, which has become the global attention today.It is a system of government that is formed through a fair voting system by all eligible citizens either directly or indirectly vote to elect their representatives.However, this is a long process which needs to take time to emerge, strengthen democracy, and gradually develop as a working system of governance.Hence, media is justified to play a big role in democracy as a balancing factor to enable the public aware of government’s movement to enable good government.However, media industries can play a role in democracy but it is not easy to achieve.The “Big 6” are GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, The Warner and CBS currently in control of 90% of what the people read, watch and listen to.Back to 1983, 90% of American media was approximately owned by 50 companies but now the “Big 6” owned the same 90% American media.Apparently media is an important mechanism to deliver information to the people in terms of political, social and economical current activities happening around our surroundings and the world.The form of news can be current issues and it also can be in a form of forewarned people about future problems and issues so that the people are aware of all kinds of activities happening.According to Almond & Verba (1989) democracy this ideology was raised after World War Two from Western countries such as European countries and especially at the same time United States was rapidly expanding society through the movement towards technology, great uniformity of rationality of organisations in the world, and it made the direction of political change less important.Moreover, Amartya Sen (1999) argued that the ideology of democracy was originated in ancient Greece, back to two millennia ago, there were piecemeal efforts at democratisation, the idea of democracy was put into practise before it collapsed and replaced by authoritarian form of government.


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