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It seems strange that classical music can have such a big effect.However the doctors say that it clears the mind, helps focusing, and also is very relaxing.For example it has been proven to help the mind, it is also yet another way of expression, and it can also be used as therapy.

The name "classical music" is applied to the Viennese Classical expression, which flourished in the late 18th century, and early 19th do to the brilliance of three main composers.

Hayden, Mozart, and Beethoven were the three brilliant minds that are credited for the classical music period.

The Classical Era, on the other hand, was focused on a philosophy Call him Father by Natalie Pardo You probably have listened to classical music. Strictly speaking classical music was music written during the classical period (c. This was also the time when different musical genres began to proliferate.

Years might have passed, but music that started during this period still remains relevant Revolution allowed for a power transfer from the nobility to the middle class, who controlled the mines and factories.

However before the benefits of classical music can be brought to light, it is important to clarify what "classical music" really is.

There are many misconceptions on what classical music is.Some musical characteristics of classical music are: the use of energetic and orchestral color in a thematic way, the use of rhythm, including periodic structure and harmonic rhythm, to give definition to large-scale forms, along with the use of modulation to build longer spans of tension and release (most of the music is cast in sonata form or closely related forms), and the witty, typically Austrian mixture of comic and serious strains.The importance of classical music can be seen in many different things.In many child development studies, research has shown very positive effects on the child's brain by just listening to classical music.The research has demonstrated that auditory stimulation (listening to classical music) at an early age can increase the rate of development of synaptic connections in a young mind.It is a great stress reliever and a great way to express emotions.The expression of emotions allows people to open up.Feelings of deep emotion were beginning to be expressed in ways that would have seemed once inappropriate.Individualism began to grip you as Hippolyte et Aricie and Castor et Pollux.These categories run the gamut from easy listening dance music to more complex artmusic.On the complex side of the scale are the categories known as Jazz and Classical music.


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