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Last year, the number of asylum seekers in the European Union more than doubled to about 1.3 million.

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At a deeper level, it shows how mankind is progressing from nature to culture, from superstition to enlightenment, from the darkness of chaos to the dawn of a new peaceful era. Europeans confronted their legacy of war and hatred; they embraced the ideal of ; and they managed to secure peace and foster economic and cultural prosperity. Right now, too many Europeans are worried about their cultural identity, their security, their jobs, incomes, and living standards.

And too many of them are led to believe that things would be better if only Europe returned to closed borders and economic nationalism.

Theirs is a deeply humanistic mindset that has inspired others on this continent and beyond.

I have no doubt that Europe has the capacity and resources to deal with this humanitarian crisis if it puts its mind to it.

The European Central Bank provided substantial support and applied unconventional policies.

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And the new Single Supervisory Mechanism was a big step toward banking union.

But my two points are economic—first, our research suggests that refugees As I speak, my thoughts, and I am sure our thoughts, are with the family members, the friends and those whose life was touched by Jo Cox.

I have always admired the United Kingdom for it openness to other nationalities and foreign cultures, and I find it hard to believe that attitudes have changed in such a short time.

This is a serious challenge for the European project.

It is high time to confront this negative vision with a new perspective for those citizens who feel left behind.


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