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Sikandar supported the British in the Second World War at the request of Sir Winston Churchill after all of India’s political parties had refused.The British promised dominion status to India after the war. Sikandar did not envisage partition of his beloved Punjab.

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This celebration in Islamabad is taking place in a special ground in this there are all main officer and also the lieutenant are going there for the celebration of this day.

Pakistan Resolution Day – 23 march Urdu speech for children On 23 March the president also speech in Islamabad and tell us that we need in unity and also needs the rules of Islam and we want to live in unity and also respect the forces of Pakistani that are very strong and help every Muslim that lived in Pakistan in the border.

In Lahore Pakistan the heart of Pakistan and the main celebration of the 23 March in held in Lahore and in this day every Muslim want to gather in Lahore and participate in this day and memorized his old day and this celebration is held in Waugh Border Lahore and in this place the Pakistani celebrate this day in full interest .

Lahore Resolution The Lahore Resolution (Urdu: قرارداد لاہور‎, Qarardad-e-Lahore; Bengali: লাহোর প্রস্তাব, Lahor Prostab), also known as the Pakistan Resolution (Urdu: قرارداد پاکستان‎, Qarardad-e-Pakistan),was a formal political statement adopted by the All-India Muslim League on the occasion of its three-day general session in Lahore on March 22–24, 1940, which called for the creation of ‘independent states’ for Muslims in north-western and eastern British India. Although the name “Pakistan” had been proposed by Choudhary Rahmat Ali in his Pakistan Declaration in 1933, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders had kept firm their belief in Hindu-Muslim unity.

Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman seconding the Lahore resolution with Jinnah and liaquat chairing the session Proceedings The session was held between March 22 and March 24, 1940, at Iqbal Park, (Lahore)The welcome address was made by Sir Shah Nawaz Khan of Mamdot.

He was also chairman of the reception committee and personally bore all the expenses.

Pakistan Resolution Day – 23 march Urdu speech for children In this day the Muslims gather in one platform from the different areas and decided that we are want to live in a separate country separate state and there we will live in full freedom everyone is independent for her life and it is Islamic country in this world It day is also important because in this day different people are gathering and show the positive and loving feeling against Lahore i.e Resolution day of Pakistan it was the day in Pakistani (Muslims ) are fully celebrate in this day and everyone in this day is happy because it’s confirmed that Muslims need the separate country and of this country Pakistan is also decided so everyone is happy in this day full celebrate in this day Pakistan Resolution Day – 23 march Urdu speech for children Independence is the great blessing of Allah and it is the rights of everyone because Allah created this nation is unique and independent so no one slaves to anyone It marked the successful constitutional transition of Pakistan from the dominion to the Islamic Republic the world’s first Islamic republic 23 March is celebrated in every year in full celebrate and full of encouraging in this day everyone remembers that time 1940 and think that how many struggles will do of our leader and what he thinks about us and what they want so that they struggle to gave us the fully independent country.

Pakistan Resolution Day – 23 march Urdu speech for children In history, this day is very important for Pakistani Muslims and they also respect this day and celebrate it.

The Muslim League held in Minot Park Lahore and it is that time is started in three days 22 March to 24 March and the main day is 23 March in this day our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah speech and say the Muslim we are taking the separate country and is it the part of parcel for us and he also says that the Hindu and Muslims are two fully diffident nations and they never lived together so we want to separate it At the last, with the full struggle of our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah, it is confirmed that and signature that Pakistan is a separate country and the lived in west side and at last Pakistan is independent at the day of 14 August 1947 and in this day all Muslim are very happy.

23 March is celebrated in every year it’s a very important day for us and it continues at the end of this world and it is the great day of the history Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that we need separate nation because we want to develops to the fullest spiritual, cultural, economic social and political life in our way as we want to do this and as we think that it is better for us and we are lived happily how what rules we applied it which we are lived happily in what type of rule Muhammad Ali Jinnah Speech : We are all Pakistani and loved Pakistan and our father of nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah and listing her word own her own voice and we remember her all speech what he says us about the unity and Pakistan and says that we are great to all “He says the Muslims and encourage that he says that the Muslims are bear every difficult and face very difficult and we also need more and more sacrifices for the independence and our independence never fruitless“ In this day our leader tells us that the Hindu and Muslim are two different Nation and they never lived to gather Many difference b/w these two nations : They are two different religious They are the difference of philosophies, social custom and leathered They neither enters marry nor dine.


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