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In Mano Majra, Muslims were considered brothers with the Sikh and Hindu population, and they got along well.

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Hakum Chand was one of the characters of the book responsible for the expulsion of Muslims.

He didn’t actively involve himself in an expulsion of Muslims; he wanted to remove them to keep the peace.

There were many traffic policemen to guide the incoming the out-going vehicles There was great rush of passengers.

Some were coming out as they had just arrived and were planning to carry their luggage to the compartments. All passenger were standing in long queues in front of the windows to purchase the railway tickets.

Pakistan Railways have been running losses since mid-seventies.

This persistent failure owes to absence of a clear direction for the organization, a pessimistic organizational ethos resulting from years of decline and political interference in decision making to the detriment Of this 6,880 route kilometres (4,280 mi) were Broad gauge, 506 kilometres (314 mi) were Metre gauge, and 736 kilometres (457 mi) were Narrow gauge.

It was an invalid defense in that case, as well as in this case.

The police were aware of what wrong they were doing, and didn’t try to stand up and stop the hostility.

His philosophy was that even if you feel strongly about a topic, you should keep silent on the matter.

In situations where it is better to speak up like this one, Hakum Chand gave the dangerous advice to keep silent and take what life threw at you.


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