Essay On Realism And Artistic Creation

C.), sculptors began depicting people as they really appeared.Previously, people had been portrayed according to the Greek concept of the ideal human form.

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This is because it is important for readers to recognize and identify with the characters and the world they inhabit.Naturalist authors also wrote about common people and everyday situations.But they studied human beings and their behavior with the objectivity of scientists.The realists sought to honor what they felt was the noble dignity of humble people leading simple lives. His The Burial at Ornans (1849) and other works were large-scale, unsentimental paintings of common people in everyday scenes.Other realists included the social and political satirist Honoré Daumier (The Washerwoman, 1863) and Jean François Millet (The Gleaners, 1857).The realists wanted to break away from the formal artistic styles and subjects of the past.So they created objective, unemotional works that were unadorned with imaginative flourishes.Leading naturalists included the French novelist Émile Zola (Germinal, 1885) and the Americans Stephen Crane (Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, 1893), Frank Norris (Mc Teague, 1899), and Theodore Dreiser (Sister Carrie, 1900).The realist movement in art also originated in France during the 1800's.Their works typically portrayed ordinary, or working-class, people, as opposed to heroic, historic, biblical, or royal figures.They also depicted scenes of traditional life, such as rural landscapes with farmers herding oxen or harvesting grain.


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