Essay Slaves In The Family Edward Ball

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around to the consensus that slavery was a crime against humanity, and so it was.

The families of former slaveholders are not responsible for the past in the way a criminal is culpable for a crime.

We cannot have influenced the dead, our ancestors, who enslaved black adults and children.

However, the descendants of slaveholders are accountable for exploitive acts done in our name, for the reason that we have inherited advantages from them.

We can acknowledge and speak about the difficult acts in which our families took part, rather than hide or distort them—we can retell those stories and try to make sense of them.

Added to this, I think that white people as a wide group are also accountable for the slave past, for the reason that all whites extensively benefit from the legacy of slavery.

when he decided to attend a family reunion in Charleston, South Carolina, where he had lived as a child but hadn’t visited in several years.

Once there, he mingled with relatives (some 150 of them); toured his family’s former rice plantations, which now had other owners; went to dinners and cocktail parties; and listened to lectures by local historians.

(Whites really do not want one.) What we apparently do want, and now have, is a place where the tragic story of black America is folded into a happy coda.”Like most Radcliffe fellows, Ball was extremely busy during his year at the Institute.

In addition to conducting research for his next book, he wrote a two-part article about the Dylann Roof trial in Charleston, also published by the .


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