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Many Microsoft Word users prefer not to check spelling as they type, because it slows down their typing.

If you prefer to turn this feature off, you can check the spelling of the whole essay when it is finished.

One of the best features of Ginger is the sentence checker that uses contextual spelling correction. Gradeproof is an online grammar and spelling checker.

It will highlight your spelling errors based on the context of your sentence such as mistakes including bare and bear, to and too and many other common homonyms. Ginger software is a robust grammar checker app that is a very accurate sentence, spelling and grammar checker. The free version offers a generous 20,000 character limit as well as access to check your German grammar too. It works with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, i OS, and on the web as a browser extension.

If the English language is not your mother tongue, using online tools to check your English grammar and find any spelling mistakes is always good practice.

For students, an online spelling and grammatical check is the best way to help you check your writing assignments, papers and essays.

The cable we had brought with us was too short, so we had to put the computer too close to the screen.

This put an impossible demand on the audience because the text was too small to read.

An online tool is the easiest way to correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation for any form of writing, from blog posts to books.

Word processors such as Microsoft Word do a very poor job.


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