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Common causes leading up to leadership-shortage concerns included recruiting wars for talent, the retirement of many baby boomers, changes in the nature of work, and poor organizational practices identifying, selecting, and developing talent.

Sadly, new surveys report the leadership-skills gap still exists.

• How aligned is today’s leadership with what will be the most important skills and perspectives in the future?

A leadership gap or deficit may have one of 2 causes: lack of mastery of the required competencies or lack of focus on necessary skills.

APQC’s special report also provided recommendations for organizations that want to bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be as they adjust and reinvent themselves. The project was designed to address the following 3 questions: • What leadership skills and perspectives are critical for success, now and in the future?

Businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and educational organizations need leaders who can effectively navigate complex and changing situations. • How strong are current leaders in these critical skills and perspectives?Read the complete white paper, available for download below.An essay gives you the chance to demonstrate and explore a particular subject to convince the reader that you can present a logical flow of thoughts.Organizations — and individual leaders — want to avoid a discrepancy between areas of strength and areas of need; however, the data from our study indicates that organizations today are experiencing a current leadership deficit and can expect a leadership gap in the future.Today’s leadership capacity is insufficient to meet future leadership requirements.Other assessments — including 360-degree feedback tools — can be helpful in evaluating individuals’ strengths and development needs.Be sure to factor in feedback, coaching, and assessment towards goal attainment.The first is a matter of degree; the second is a matter of substance.Either can be a problem in both the short and long term.In the first study, we surveyed 2,239 leaders from 24 organizations in 3 countries.We found that crucial leadership skills in organizations are for meeting current and future needs.


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