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Understanding the perception that nurses have towards patient workload is essential in identifying other factors affecting their effectiveness such as job stress.

Therefore, the topic focuses on the nurses and their perception of the current situation on workload.

As the baby boomers age, there will be increased demand for nurses due to the augmented need for healthcare.

The current supply of nurses is from the registered nurses and the licensed practical nurses.

Eventually this job becomes a routine and doctor has to have a strong psyche to hang in there and not to lose own humanity.

Positive effect which is called placebo depends on what patient knows about his or her disease.Relatives can help to find the best approach of telling bad news to a patient or they can insist on not telling anything about decease.The problem is that people are different, every person has own perception of bad information and it’s cannot be predicted whether this reaction will effect on patient’s condition in a positive or negative way. Rourke thinks that patient should be given an accurate assessment of their condition (p. There are a few cases when death-sick patient become cured without any obvious reasons.There are various issues contributing to the nursing shortage. nursing schools turned away almost 80,000 qualified applicants who were interested in pursuing baccalaureate and graduate programs in nursing.First, there is a shortage in the nursing school faculty, which is restricting the enrollment into the nursing profession (AACN, 2014). The main reasons were insufficient faculty, classroom space, clinical sites, budget constraints, and clinical preceptors (AACN, 2014).However it is impossible to know whether patient will be cured or not as these cases are exceptions. Unfortunately, you can’t copy parts of this text or use it in its entirety for your essay, as it may be considered plagiarism.Considering all the facts there is no universal answer for this difficult question. The Powerful Placebo: From Ancient Priest to Modern Physician: Johns Hopkins University Press. If you don’t want to fall in the eyes of your tutor, but you don’t have the time or specific knowledge to write the essay, ask Essay Shark!One of the most horrible things in a doctor’s work is telling bad news to patient. This problem is very complex and considering it requires paying an attention to various factors. Rourke in the past some doctors thought that the less patient knew about his condition, the better would be his chances for recovery (p. It depends on patient how this information will be accepted, some people may accept their destiny, however other people may be heavily influenced and this influence can affect their health and condition.Not less important is how doctor can tell this information, to do it in a right way; doctor has to be a great psychologist not to harm his or her patient.Doctors who work with cancer patients have to tell bad news several times in a month or even in a week.These doctors have huge mental pressure as it is very difficult to compassionate to every patient.


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