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Brad Pitt can’t leave his house without being bukkaked by flashbulbs and cameras.

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The classic example is when someone takes you out for a free, hour-long lunch. An extra hour of sales calls that could net you a new client.

Despite gaining the value of the lunch during that hour, you are still giving up all of the other productive activities you could have potentially been doing. Or, as in the case with El-Erian, an extra hour with your 10-year-old daughter.

Bill Gates famously slept in his office five days a week and remained single well into his 30s.

Steve Jobs was a deadbeat father to his first daughter.

Some anthropologists and historians have speculated that the sacrifice of animals followed a period of the sacrifice of humans as the vehicle of cosmic renewal.

We do know that the Celts sacrificed prisoners of war and occasionally other humans in some rituals, so they had not left that phase of sacrifice behind them entirely.I think that in this case, what we may be looking at are gifts to the Gods, or an exchange of life for life on the battlefield in the case of prisoners of war.Hypothetically speaking, the warriors of "our tribe" were successful and few were killed, but war is an arena of death and certain loss of life is expected or perhaps vowed as a part of the victory celebration, so prisoners from "their tribe" are sacrificed as a substitute for "our" warriors or as gifts to the deity of warriors.Do you invest time, sleep, effort and energy, or give up some of the stuff you’re used to and enjoy doing? One of the primary functions of sacrifice is the renewal of the cosmos. And that approach gets them nowhere most of the times.They’re a crucial part of your personal development. Here’s what Mark Manson (one of my favorite bloggers) says in “No, You Can’t Have it All”: “If you’ve ever taken an economics class, one of the first things you learn is a concept called “opportunity cost,” an idea often illustrated with the quote, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Opportunity cost means that essentially everything you do, no matter what it is, costs something, even if indirectly.I believe that we can argue for a theologically valid substitute for the body and soul of an animal.We know from the story of Miach and Airmid, and from Alexei's account of Breton herbalism, that herbs are associated with different parts of the body -- an herb for every joint and sinew, as it were.We also know from a Welsh medieval medical text, and from Irish tradition, that the body is related to the cosmos in Celtic thought.The eyes may be the stars, sun be the face, breath be the wind, stone as bones, water as blood, soil as flesh, etc.


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