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Next, identify your target market, the niche to which your concept appeals.Third, compare the customer base for the chosen location with your target market.

Next, identify your target market, the niche to which your concept appeals.Third, compare the customer base for the chosen location with your target market.Each year the NRA publishes, among other things, its annual "Restaurant Industry Forecast" which provides a glimpse of the industry through anticipated sales, customer spending habits, dining traits and operational and industry workforce trends. However, organizations such as the NRA and restaurant-based publications provide more relevant information about our particular industry.

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Finally, identify the local competition that may contend for the same customer base.

There has been a dramatic shift in dining habits over the last 20 or so years.

If you are opening a quick-service concept, consider the inclusion of your menu board design. Venture capitalists want to know who is going to execute and drive the plan.

And remember, it is not the number of items you have on your menu, but the design, variety and appeal that make an eye-catching menu. A lot of great business concepts have been turned down by investors, both "friends and family" and institutional lenders, because the prospective managers did not seem to possess the experience, skill, education, and/or discipline to make the business work. Controlling costs, managing employees and servicing customers requires experience and talent.

The summary should begin with the name of the person and a brief description of the role or position that person will occupy in managing the business.

Provide a summary the person's experience or qualifications.However, passion must be balanced with reality when it comes to creating a sound business plan.In-depth market research is needed to substantiate that conceptual assumptions are in line with market conditions.The change has been gradual, reflecting the ongoing evolution of the industry.In the United States, the National Restaurant Association (NRA), has been the premier source for identifying changing trends in consumer habits. Bureau of the Census, the Department of Labor, and The Library of Congress are also good sources when analyzing population growth, ethnicity mix, labor and economic conditions.Establish desirable traffic count thresholds or a preference for a specific industry such as tourism.Determine the importance of traffic generators for your concept such as malls, theaters and universities.Consider the demographic characteristics for your ideal customer such as head of household age, income, household size, ethnicity, single or multifamily housing.Identify the preferred market size of residential and business population and the proximity to your restaurant's location.The success of any business relies on sound management. This section of the restaurant business plan is intended to convey the background and experience of the managing partners or owners as well as key management personnel who will operate the business.You should include a résumé-styled summary for each person in the restaurant's management.


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