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Wind blowing into my face, my eyes where after few seconds the tears come out and I am speeding and crying but this are not the tears of sadness but the tears of joy. Here I am in the most beautiful place in the world, surrounded by mountains covered in snow.Sun is shining, even though it’s minus ten but I haven’t even noticed because I’m too happy.

Favorite Hobby Essay Cornell Critical Thinking Test Level Z (1985)

Moreover, it is also about honesty and respect to other people, which are my personal code of conduct. 12 - 10 ( 8107C ) Group| Name| Amount| Big Scale| Corn| 1058| | SBM Hipro| 478| Liquid ... decision-makers in family business are family members, private enterprise will prefer to hire non-relative people who are able ... the same time, and they are required to work as a team (Coursework Info, 2003).

obby means one's favorite occupation but not one's main business.

A man cannot depend on it for his living, but it is not less important than his main business.

I put myself together and made a new plan – studying, developing myself, investing in what my father used to say “nobody will ever be able to take away from you” which is knowledge.

Where I am today, doing what I do is the result of that experience and my patience, persistence and hard work. During an exchange programme for students, we played a game in which each of us had to choose 3 words representing our values.


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